Our Story

I was touched

Unemployment, hunger and hardship are no new occurrences in the world as both developed and developing countries are ensnared in their grasp. The rapid growth of these issues in developing countries is alarming with Nigeria at the fore of these predicaments.

It all began in the year 2003 when Ernest Abegbe came face to face with the hardship prevalent in Nigeria. As a young graduate (fresh from the National Youth Service Corp) working between jobs to make ends meet, he noticed the povertythat was next door; his neighbours (able bodied & employable youths) were physically in a brawl over a meager sum of N5.00 (Five Nigerian Naira). The fiasco went to a deplorable stage where stools and benches were used as projectiles and the scene became gory; resulting in a Police intervention. That day, a chord was struck; someone can make a difference.

“Going forward, I decided to help unemployed youths within my vicinity. I would go to church and give out even the clothes I was using. I am thinking; if those two lads were gainfully employed, then there will be no need fighting over such a little sum of money”.

In the year 2010, the Nigerian State was plagued with an insurgence of terrorists. The terroristic acts involved bombings amongst others; thus leaving massive youths homeless and unemployed. This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back as Ernest decided to push on for the official registration of Organization for Global Restoration.

“It was a really sad sight. Here we have competent young men and women, filled with passion. But what is the use of having passion with no room for expression? I was touched and moved to take my philanthropy to a standard level”

Ever since its incorporation; Organization for Global Restoration has been giving focused youngsters a chance to realize their dreams through planning, start-up grants, trainings, financial support (for already existent businesses) amongst other services.