Our Strategy-Youth Projection 2035

Organization for Global Restoration’s strategy borders around a youth projection for the year 2035. Moving with urgency, we are striving to ensure that there is a remarkable reduction of incompetence among youths in 2035.

We are projecting three accomplishments for youths by 2035:


Most youths (if not all) should be empowered educationally or/and have a creative skill

Sustainable Living:

Most youths (if not all) should be able to earn a living

Positive Cycle:

Most youths (if not all) should be able to give back positively to their communities/societies

To ensure that youths are empowered, have a sustainable life and give back positively to the society we will be putting our focus on youths that are by circumstances marginalized and deprived probably due to ethnicity, gender, geography and the likes.

To achieve our objectives in 2035, we need to work smart on our focus learning as we go along to avoid any impasse we may encounter on the way. We have to search out innovative ways to mobilize supporters so as to have more people supporting our cause. Tough choices will be made but in the end efficiency is our projected end point.

Only by working together within ourselves (OGR), in collaboration with diverse partners (individual and organizations) and supporters can we truly create an empowered generation of youths.