Grant and Financial Support

World over, the transition from the fore walls of the university to the open society is often a tedious one for youths. There is always that role confusion as the turbulent waters of indecision regarding their careers erupts. Consider this: During this time of self-awareness, what if these youths are exposed to negative stimuli? What if their perspective is tweaked to the dark side? What if they have the prejudice that their dreams cannot breathe in their current society?

Business Empowerment

We work with youths, their families (where necessary), governments and our partners to create incisive entrepreneurial training initiatives that are mandatory to thrive in today’s world of business. Through our support youths begin to have a transformation in their perspective as regards business. They begin to understand that being an entrepreneur is more than the act of buying and selling.

Leadership Workshop

In line with our objectives, Organization for Global Restoration embarks on leadership workshops/seminars for youths so as to make them take up the baton and make better progress from where the older generation left off. We focus on helping them discover &re-instill self-esteem to lead; the confidence to take charge. We don’t limit the scope of our workshop to just business matters but life from a general view point; thus inculcating responsibility.

About us

We are non-profit making organisation known as NGO. In key to Government policy to reduce unemployment among the youth by encouraging entrepreneurship in Nigeria, OGR stand out as led organisation.

We seek to render care to humanity in order to fulfill God’s mandate of restoration, dignity and value

A world where there is total restoration of human dignity.

A world where there is total restoration of human dignity.